How to select the perfect hat for you!

Hats are the most feminine of accessories. Be feminine, let people see you in a different light. Be bold and wear hats more often.

When it comes to choosing the right hat, your build and face shape will provide the pointers; your personal taste will do the rest.

Petite - If you have a small frame, choose a hat that doesn't overwhelm you. A big floppy hat will engulf you so look for small crowns and brims.

Tall - Tall, willowy women look great in dramatic, wide brimmed hats. Fedoras and trilbys are a good choice. Avoid really high crowns unless you want to play off your height.

Curvy - Full figured women will find that a hat can be their best accessory. Wide, full or floppy brimmed hats with substantial vertical stripes add balance to curvy figures so don't shy away from them. For a more casual look, choose something with a low brim.

If your face is:

Long - If your face is long and narrow, choose a hat with a substantial brim. Look for floppy, curled or brow-skimming styles. Avoid narrow and tall hats. Keep the crown low and choose solid colours or horizontal stripes.

Round - Round faces are complimented by hats with high brims and sharp angles. Avoid "flower-pot" hats. Very wide, floppy brims should be avoided. Choose a hat with a crown and brim that are slightly wider than your head. And wear the brim on an angle, not straight.

Oval - Women with oval faces are blessed because any style of hat will flatter them so, let yourself enjoy anything that meets your fancy. Wear them straight across your brow or your hairline, as fashion or mood demands.

Triangular - Again, almost any hat can be worn. The same rules apply to triangular faces as do to oval ones.

Square - Choose hats with asymmetrical shapes. Slant the brim or simply tilt your hat and remember to wear earrings when wearing hats.

Cocktail Hats

Of all the hats I make, cocktail hats are my favourite. Anyone who recalls images from magazines or films of the 30's and 40's will understand why this sophisticated little hat is making such a comeback. Generally made with a veil and worn perched on the head, often at a tilt over one eye, no other hat in history has provided a look that is so feminine, romantic and seductive at the same time. In its heyday, the cocktail hat was called as such because it was generally worn in the evening but it can also be worn during the day, for a wedding or a tea. They are becoming popular as an alternative to the traditional bridal veil.

They are light, small, and lend themselves to flights of fancy. I can use rare fabrics, vintage flowers by the dozen, feathers galore, pearls and precious stones, antique ribbons and trims. I can make them subtle, sexy, sculptural...even architectural!

Since I make them out of vintage or antique elements, they allow me to continue to search for those special bits that I like so much; the antique fabrics and trims, the elusive feather ornaments, silk flowers...and justify my buying them.

Each of my cocktail hats is unique. I make them one at the time and I only make one of each so you don’t have to worry about ever seeing your hat on someone else’s head. So, here you are, ready to view my selection of cocktail hats, to find the one just for you. Before you do, here are pointers you might like to keep in mind.

- If you can’t find the exact shade to co-ordinate with your dress/outfit, choose a colour in the same tone or a combination of shades in the same tone.

- When choosing the hat, remember that the higher the feathers or ornaments, the taller you will look; the more elongated the design, the narrower you will appear.

- Wear your hat tilted to one side and away from the crown, toward the front of your head. Avoid placing it centrally, on top of your hhead.

- If you have fine hair, backcomb where the hat will sit and spray lightly with lacquer (hairspray) before securing the combs. Actually, a bit of hairspray can help secure the hat with any texture of hair.

Wedding Hats","If you want something that is just for you, come and see me. We'll discuss the occasion, what you'll be earing, your accessories, your hairdo and together, we'll design something...just for you! As a designer, I have to tailor the hat not only to the occasion but to the person's size, shape, colouring and to a variety of imponderables such as glasses, accessories and hairstyle. That's essentially what I am being paid for. Prices run from $95.00 to 350.00 unless we really decide to go over the top, and usually require from two to three weeks, depending on availability of supplies.

I can also provide hats or fascinators for the maid of honour, the bridesmaids, the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom.

Remember that, according to The Daily Telegraph for 2nd of May, 2007-

"It is important to keep a sense of your personality, to dress with the bride's taste in mind, not the mother of the bride's; and to let go of the
idea that everything must match. Colour coordinated accessories are for the Queen and other older royals. Clash-chic is more fun"

And for 27th of July, 2005

"The rules have changed, and it is considered quite old-fashioned for everything to match. Besides, hats, shoes and bags are so decorative now, it would be a shame to restrict yourself to one colour"

My clients, while they attend typical events such as weddings, openings and parties, do not want typical hats. If you are going to wear anything other than something for warmth or protection, you will be noticed so, why do it in a plain, boring, generic hat? Why not one that reflects your personality?